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Marble gives you a unique opportunity for inspiration and creation. The properties of marble makes it a great option to carve into any shape you desire. It also gives infinite options of inlay- the most popular being brass and mother of pearl inlay which have been used in Indian architecture over centuries. 


Inlays is the most popular customization when it comes to marble. You can choose to inlay a name, zodiac sign or any design for that matter. Name inlays make perfect for a thoughtful gift for your loved ones.
Brass and mother of pearl being the most popular inlays. Other creative ways to do inlays is using other stone or different colored marbles to inlay. 


Marble is a soft yet strong stone; soft enough to carve into any shape (Michael Angelo's work), yet strong enough to stand the test of time (Taj Mahal). Our artisans have worked on thousands of products over the last couple of decades. They can carve marble into any shape you desire.


Honestly, we don't just believe but know that with marble you have infinite possibilities. The grandeur that marble provides- it is the right stone to use for statement pieces for your home, whether it is a giant bath tub in your bathroom, a fountain at the entrance of your house or even a big solid marble rock, uncut, untouched in your driveway or even as a table. 

How to order customized products with Cubo?

1. Email us your idea at or whatsapp us at 8619475259. We will get in touch with you and understand your requirement. 
2. Our designer will take a couple of days to share a few designs with you.
3. We take 70% advance for custom products since they are specially made for you. This amount is non-refundable as the raw material is specially sourced for you.
4. Please note: once the product design is closed and the work has started, we cannot make changes to it.
4. Over the next few days we will continuously be in touch with you, where we will be sharing the work in progress to ensure the end product is what you desired. 
5. We will share the final product images with you once it is completed. The remaining 30% amount will be transferred during this time and the product will be shipped to you. 
6. Return and Refund policy in not applicable on a custom product since it will be one of its kind.