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About Us


We create pieces for the home, connecting the creative work of artisans and designers to people and places around the world.

Growing up in Udaipur which is home to one of the most beautiful stones in the world and also the largest producer of White Marble, we knew we wanted to bring it to every home in the world. The marble artisans of Udaipur who have passed on their skills to generations bring the expertise we need to bring our vision to life.



The Marble industry in Udaipur is one of the largest industry in the area which has offered work opportunities to thousands of artisans in and around Udaipur. These skills have been passed to generations over the years who are today masters of their craft.

Their art is unmatchable and hence every Cubo piece is carefully handcrafted by the local artisans.



Taking a more contemporary approach to design, we envision to beautify spaces you love. With our range of stylish and luxurious home décor pieces we intend to offer a unique mix of urban designs for modern Indian homes.